A Vibrant Low Energy Future for Helston and District

What have we done so far?

11 November 2008
A G M minutes to follow
28 October 2008
A discussion on renewable energy with talks from local experts, Alec Rice from CSEP and Keith Reynolds, took place on 28 October
October 2008
Over 50 people attended a workshop given by Nick Weir of Stroud Community Agriculture. Allotments, CSAs and Food hubs were discussed.
July 2008
A number of awareness raising films, "The End of Suburbia" and "The Power of Community", have now been shown in Helston and in July 2008 Paul Mobbs, author of Energy Beyond Oil, gave a talk entitled Less is More, about how we will have to accept that we must travel and consume less but that this is not necessarily a negative.
March 2008
Late in March, Transition Helston and HOGG took a garden shed to Coronation Park in Helston for a seed and seedling exchange day. The purpose of this was to enable people to try different things in their gardens and to share their surplus seeds and plants with others. It was a cold wet day but several left happily with packets of seeds. We repeated this exercise later in June at the Farmers' Market being organized by South Kerrier Alliance
December 2007
Just before Christmas 2007, members of the steering group had the idea of organizing a cycle relay in support of the Bali Climate Conference. Other Transition groups within Cornwall were invited to take part and on the day messages were relayed from many Mayors of Cornwall towns.
An important part of the process is to identify other organizations in the area which have similar aims or interests which overlap with ours. The idea is to work with other organizations, not to try to replace them because they will have vital roles to play in the future
Two presentations have been given so far - to a working group of the South Kerrier Alliance and to Helston Organic Growers and Gardeners (HOGG)
If your organization feels that it would like a presentation on aspects of Transition, please get in touch with us