Working towards a resilient low energy future for Helston and district

The Food Group

The food group seeks to promote initiatives which reduce our reliance on food that has been transported long distances. Our projects aim to promote the production of home grown produce and food that is produced locally. We also seek to encourage an increasing reduction in our dependance on fossil fuel based chemicals used in the production, transport and processing of food.

Our Current Projects

The Garden Share Scheme

We maintain a register of those who have a garden which they cannot maintain, or who have unwanted land as well as a register of those who are looking for land on which to grow fruit and vegetables and put them in touch with each other.

Gardening for Schools

We support a number of local schools which have or are setting up gardening projects to encourage children to learn about growing food.

The Food Guide

In collaboration with South Kerrier Alliance we are preparing a guide to local food.

If you know of

  • a shop that sells a wide range of local produce
  • a restaurant that uses a lot of locally sourced food
  • a B&B or hotel who grow their own veg

then let us know at the food guide

Seed and Seedling Swaps

We run seed and seedling swaps at Helston Farmers Market and other local events

The Growers Guide

This section of the website will put you in touch with people who can help you if you want to start beekeeping, keep chickens, set up a smallholding, find an allotment or grow organic vegetables. The guide will help you find experts who can train you in the skills you will need to become self sufficient.

Food Related Web Links

Community Food Co operatives

Landshare - Channel 4's website for putting landowners in touch with growers.

Seasonal Food advice from the National Trust

Climate Friendly Food

Vegswap - swap your spare veg with another grower

To join the food group please email Alastair at