A Vibrant Low Energy Future for Helston and District

Our Vision of the Future

Helston and the surrounding area needs to develop a plan to reduce over time its dependencies on fossil fuels and become increasingly self-reliant in such areas as transport, energy, food, education, health and housing. West Cornwall is vulnerable to disruption because we are at the end of the supply line for many things that we need. We hope that Transition Helston's process of activity will result in a vibrant, resilient Helston, much more able to withstand the shocks of becoming less dependant on fossil fuels. An energy descent plan for Helston and the surrounding area will be a key part in preparing for the future.
The development of the Helston Energy Descent Plan is, in our view, best achieved by seeking answers through discussion to questions relating to the process of energy descent. We need to work as a community in identifying what we want our future to look like and then to work towards realizing that vision

Joining Transition Helston is free and easy, just email John at info@transitionhelston.org.uk